Are you a transporter?

Need a fast transport at a low price?


  • Trasporti-veloci.it offers you a chance to compare all the quotes received from our transporters regularly registered as drivers, additionally verified by the staff and to choose the quote that suits you.





How much cost insert a transport request ?


  • For you it's completely FREE AND WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT​!            


What do you need to insert a request?


  • To publish a request all you need is an account and not more than 5 minutes.



How can I register?


  • If you want to create an account click on Login → Register or by clicking  there.



How can I insert a request?


  • After you have logged into your account, click on the "Add a request"
  • Choose the category that suits you.
  • Describe what you have to transport and click Continue.
  • Enter Pickup / delivery Information  and then click Continue.
  • Done! Now your request is online!



The quotes received are too expensive for you?


  • After you've published your transport request you can immediately see the quotes received and if you're not satisfied about the price, you can start dealing in the chat with other transporters until you reach your budget.


The quotes received stand into your budget?


  • If you are satisfied about the received quote you can book the transport by clicking on Checkout with PayPal


What is the down payment ?


  • The down payment is a small part of the price you received from the carrier ranging between 1 - 7% .

For example, if you want to book a transport for 100 € you will pay a down payment of 7€ + VAT and the rest of 93€ + VAT you will need to pay to the transporter.

Why must I pay the down payment


  • The down payment is paid to show us that you are really interested to do the transport


How can I pay the down payment?


  • You can pay the down payment via PAYPAL, where you can insert any type of credit card




What happens if the transporter cancels the transport?


  • There are very rare cases when a transporter cancels the transport, but in any case we refund the down payment to your PAYPAL / CREDIT CARD within 48h.


What happens if I need to cancel for unforeseen reasons the transport


  •   If a transport is canceled after the payment of the down payment, you don't need to pay the rest of the money but you will lose the down payment.


I booked the quote , now what should I do?


  • After you have paid the down payment, your contacts will be exchanged with those of the transporter via email in order to better organize the transport.


I paid the down payment but I have not received any email.


  •  After the payment, PayPal recommends to wait 10 seconds and then close their page, in fact if you don't wait, we get the payment but without the confirmation, and in that case we should to exchange manually the contacts


Are you happy or not about the transport


  • If you want to leave a feedback you must click on "My account" and go to the "Feedbacks


How to make transportation invoice?


  • The invoice of the transport is care of the transporter. The carrier will have to issue a compulsory invoice for the full amount you paid (down payment + balance paid at the pickup or at the delivery ).
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